Due to a technical glitch we are unable to bring you this event. We are working through this with the caravan park and will keep you up to date with the new details! Meanwhile, please continue to enjoy our beautiful Riverland region.

  • 919 Wines
  • Whistling Kite Vineyards
  • Mundoo Ridge Estate
  • Bassham Wines

3pm-7pm Sunday 8th March

at Lake Bonney Discovery Park

Celebration. Hands holding the glasses of champagne and wine making a toast.

Lake Bonney Discovery Park are pleased to host the Small Winemakers in the common recreational area on Sunday 8th March.

Bring your deck chair, card table and wine glass and discover the Riverland’s most exciting wines.

Wine producers attending:

  • 919 Wines – try their signature Durif
  • Bassham Wines – delicious Fiano
  • Spook Hill – spookily good Petit Verdot
  • Top Block – try Sinking the Pink
  • Whistling Kite Wines – multiple award-winning Biodynamic Montepulciano

Cellar doors open this weekend:

Click on the wine producer details above to go directly to the website.