The Riverland Small Winemakers Showcase will host a harvest trail over the Easter weekend in April.
Eight wineries will be participating in the trail over the Easter weekend, giving you a unique opportunity to see vineyard, taste wine and meet with the winemakers.

Try out one of these three suggested self-drive itineraries:

Arriving or leaving itinerary, visited forwards or backwards: 

Spook Hill Wines (Cadell) 

Travel 1:15 to

 Mundoo Ridge (Moorook) (Saturday only) 

Travel 0:15 to 

Whistling Kite (New Residence) 

Travel 0:35 to 

Riverland Wine Centre – Pike River Estate (Lyrup)  

Travel 0:15 to 

Organic wines itinerary:

919 Wines (Glossop) 

Bassham Wines (Barmera) 

Travel 0:30 to 

Whistling Kite Wines (New Residence) 

Gems itinerary: 

Riverland Wine Centre -Pike River Estate (Lyrup) 

Travel 0:20 to 

Top Block (Monash) – Sunday only 

Travel 0:10 to 

919 Wines (Glossop) 

Travel 0:15 to 

Bassham Wines (Barmera) 

Travel 0:15 to Mundoo Ridge (Moorook) – Saturday only

Participating Wineries: 

919 Wines 

Bassham Wines 

Mundoo Ridge 

Riverland Wine Centre (Pike River Estate) 

Spook Hill  

Top Block 

Whistling Kite Wines

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