1. Find a catchy name for the event (eg Pike River have chosen “Budburst” because of the time of year, and The Three wise Women & Three Wise Men sort of suited our organic theme). 
  2. Early on you will need to work out:
    • if you use glasses and wash them, or polycarbonate and sell them. We washed them here, and all the producers brought a bunch of them and marked them with their own markings eg baling twine, yellow rubber bands or vineyard staple tape for easy sorting at the end of the day. The reason for this is of course so any entry fee is advertised as part of the event.
    • Whether there will be music & who
    • The caterers. 
  1. Find an image that captures this mood. You will use this for a lot of the publicity (below). 
  2. Free online images are available at:
  1. Burst
  2. Unsplash
  3. Freeimages
  4. Riverland Wine image gallery
  5. Paid images are available at:
  1. Shutterstock
  2. Getty images
  3. iStock
  1. If you need to take bookings, create an Eventbrite account, then create an Eventbrite Event. The cheapest way of doing tickets is to make them $0, and call them something like “Let the chef know I’m coming” so that we can hand the numbers onto the caterers. There is no commission on $0 tickets.
  2. Start promoting the event
  1. Lodge the event with Destination Riverland ( or the Berri visitor information centre or do it yourself online at
  2. Create a Facebook event and start tagging the producers and sharing it around. No need to boost the event unless the interest is poor.
  3. Lodge the event with This goes onto the South Australian tourism website.
  4. Circulate the image & other collateral to the other Smallies for our websites and newsletters. Our mailing lists are very powerful marketing tools.
  5. Circulate media releases to:
    • The Murray Pioneer, Loxton News, River News, 
    • ABC Riverland, 
    • Magic FM, 5RM, 
    • Riverland Wine, 
    • Adelaide Review, 
    • Adelaide Advertiser, 
    • Mildura local news, 
    • WINTV, 
    • Purple Giraffe.
  1. Commercial publications may approach for collaborative advertising. Find out the rate per participant, then the rate if we all go in etc to try and drive the price down, and hang out for advertorial space as well.
  2. The final thing is to print off posters for the day and any signage that you might need (eg Do not take liquor beyond this point, Polycarbonate glass $5 etc). 



  • The Bowerbirds (Minyon Smart & Caroline Louise on facebook)
  • Mick Kelly
  • Nick & Tash (See Pam for contact details)
  • Terril (see Pam for contact details)
  • Tristan Kemp
  • Andrew Willis

Ask for agreement from the participants and then raise an invoice to cover their share of the fee.


  • Little Miss Daisy (Facebook) – desserts
  • Mishes Kitchen (Facebook) – Vietnamese
  • Leftys Greek Street Eatz (Terry Elefteridis) 
  • Italian Food Made with Love (Facebook)
  • Salt & Pepper Catering (Facebook) – whatever style you want
  • Arrosto Coffee – Callum Benda 0418 850 157
  • Bella Lavender
  • Sassy Brews
  • El Gringo


  1. You will need to get a liquor licence, allow about a month because the process is slightly different when you’re hosting. Ring the Berri Barmera Council and speak with Steve Spangler or Dorothy and ask for a contact email. Send a request for their permission (you should have a response within the day). 
  2. You will need a map or diagram outlining the area you wish to license. My tip would be to go as big as you can as you don’t have to use it all.
  3. You will need to work out your capacity. Work on 1 person per 1.5m squared. That is your maximum capacity, including wine producers and caterers & musicians. If there are tables and chairs, work on one person every 2.5m squared. Keep the number below 150 on the application. 
  4. You will need to have toilets available. Work on one pan per 50 people.
  5. You will need to advise whether glasses or polycarbonates are being used. Apply for a licence for sampling, sale by the glass, sale by the bottle for consumption onsite and sale for consumption offsite. 
  6. I have sent you a separate link to this email address which will give you access to the liquor licence details of the participants. You will need to list all these on the application. Once you receive the bill from Consumer & Business Affairs, raise an invoice to all the participants for their share of the licence.


  1. Work out a little layout plan, including producers, musicians and caterers, tables, car parking and toilets. Let the participants know where they are.
  2. Let us know whether you want us to bring marquees, or whether we will work from trestles without cover. 
  3. If you need the backdrop and kiosks for participants without infrastructure, ring Chris at Riverland Wine for the details to get it installed.
  4. Ask the participants for assistance with tables & chairs and umbrellas if needed. We will bring them the day before.
  5. Work out whether you want to wash glasses or sell polycarbonate. I can arrange the polycarbonate glasses if needed. 
  6. Put up the signage (licensed area, liquor licences at each stand, Form 5A at each stand, toilets, parking, entry/fee, etc). You may need to have a few garden stakes with some rope to define the licensed area (we used fruit bins upended on their sides as a fence/bar).